How To Choose A Water Damage Restoration Service Company

Water damage can happen anywhere, even in the areas that are not prone to flooding. Heavy rains, pipes burst, and even slow leakage of water can happen. The water damage effects are not pretty. Therefore, it is best to stop as soon as you see it. Here are some practical tips on how you can find the right professional water damage restoration cleanup services near you.

1. Call your network of friends.

Since water damage is very common, there is a high possibility that your friends have experienced the same things in their houses. You may also discover that a friend or an acquaintance is working in a water damage restoration company. Your network of friends can provide you the company names and tell you where to begin. It is still up to you to ensure that the professionals you hire are appropriate for you.

2. Look at the reviews of the companies.

Take a look at the companies having the most feedback and the most reviews in the industry. The reason is that unless prompted only some people will take the extra step and will write a review for their professional services. Therefore, pay attention to the companies carefully, which do the water damage type services, you need for your home.

3. Check for the license, certificates, and bonds.

Water damage restoration companies having a good reputation go through the rigorous training process and certification. Since they are service organizations, they may have also won consumer awards. In short, check the presence that your potential water damage company has in the market.

4. Check their promptness and emergency services.

  • When you call, how do they respond to you?
  • What type of turnaround time they offer?
  • Can they offer you some do-it-yourself techniques in the meantime when you are waiting for them to reach your destination?
  • Do they answer your entire questions?

The longer your house rests underwater, the more severely damaged it becomes.

5. Do the paperwork and get the estimate.

  • Do they give you with a written estimate of the job that they plan to do before they really begin the work?
  • Do they offer a contract to begin the job before starting?

You don’t want to be in a situation where the contractors are knee-deep in the work and then you realize that they are exceeding the budget in the process.

6. Does the water damage company work with the insurance companies?

  • Do the professionals work well together with insurance companies?
  • Does your own insurance company suggest any water damage company?

7. Get some quotes.

It is time to narrow down the prospective water damage company you want to use and get some quotes. Select 3 from the list to find out, which company will provide you the best pricing for the cleanup work.

  • Do they appear reputable?
  • Do they give you a written estimate?
  • Do they offer you the written guarantee?
  • Do your own home inspection checklist before and after?

Ensure you are not missing anything.


If the water damage company doesn’t look appropriate for you, then don’t use them. Finding and determining the right water damage company should be systematically handled rather than a trial and error process. Follow the above seven tips and you will end up with the best water damage professional company on your side.

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